How to View Your Own Instagram Password Without Reset Password

One option to keep accessing Instagram accounts for which you don’t know the password is to go through “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Password”. Usually, this option will lead the user to re-verify via email or phone number which ends in creating a new password.

But not infrequently Instagram users themselves do not remember the email or phone number that was used to register. So that losing one of these access makes the account cannot be opened permanently.

View Your Own Instagram Password

But luckily, there’s a chance that your Android phone and Google account may store passwords without you even knowing it. Here’s how to view saved Instagram passwords without having to reset them.

How to View Your Own Instagram Password Without Reset Password

1. Run the Google Chrome application then open the menu icon.

Google Chrome Android

2. Go to Settings.


3. Then enter the Password menu. But before that, make sure your Google account is connected and synced to Chrome.



4. Tap the search button to make it easier to find the Instagram password.


5. Search for Instagram then tap on the available option.


6. Please tap View or Copy in the password field.

Lihat atau salin sandi

7. Chrome will request authentication via pattern, PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition.


8. Instagram password will be visible or copied afterward.

Sandi disalin

After this, please try logging into Instagram using the newly obtained information. If Chrome doesn’t sync your passwords, you can still view your saved Instagram passwords (if any) via Google Password Manager. The full guide can be found in this article.

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