How to Root Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-S908B), And Flash Stock Firmware

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog, it’s been a long time not writing here.

This time I want to show you a tutorial on how to Root Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Unlock Bootloader and also Flash Stock Firmware or flash the factory default rom.

Root Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Of course, I will pack this flashing tutorial very easily, so that all of you can understand it well.

How to Flash Stock Rom Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra SM-S908B

So in the first part this is not a rooting process, bro, this is a step for flashing the official firmware or the default ROM for the galaxy s22 ultra. what you need is:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra SM-S908B
  2. Usb Cable
  3. (software for flashing factory default rom)
  4. Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows (download then install the .exe file)
  5. Galaxy s22 ultra official firmware, adjust it to your device, don’t download everything

After that download if you use a windows trap, then extract and open the bifrost.exe in the folder. Then fill in the model, region, then check the update button and download button.

If you are confused about how to see your s22 ultra model, here are the steps. Click Settings – About Phone. On the third line, the model number s22 ultra is written, my friend. oh yes, you also need to remove the part of /XX. For example, SM-S908B/DS, so you only need to write SM-S908B.

Next, to find out your S22 Ultra region, my friend, check this link . You have to find the last 3 words that show the carrier and region of your device, for example EVR. Well, after meeting the type in Bifrost.exe earlier.

After that don’t forget to check the update button and press download. After the download is complete, save it in a folder that is easy to find, for example on the desktop. After that look for the file with the name, then delete the enc4 so that it only becomes .zip then extract the file.

Open Odin, and turn off your Galaxy s22, then enter downloading mode by holding down the power button together with the volume down button, then connecting the device to the laptop using the USB cable that we prepared earlier. don’t forget when you enter download mode press the volume up button to start the flashing process. then go back to odin and make sure:

  • BL fill in the file BL_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5
  • AP fill in the file AP_xxxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5
  • CP fill in the file CP_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5
  • CSC, fill in the file CSC_OMC_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5
  • USERDATA fill in the file HOME_CSC_OMC_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5

After that, check again before pressing the start button to start the flashing process, when finished, your galaxy s22 will automatically restart itself. done.

How to Unlock Bootloader Galaxy s22 Ultra SM-S908B

Click → Settings → About Phone → Software information → press Build number 6 times until “You’re now a developer” appears

Go to Settings → Developer options → enable OEM unlocking

After that, turn off your phone and go into download mode, like the tutorial above. Well, when it’s in downloading mode, long press the volume up button until you see a black screen then confirm to unlock the bootloader, and this process will delete all your data.

How to root Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra SM-S908B

After successfully unlocking your s22 ultra bootloader, turn it on and don’t go into your google account first, then install Magisk. After that, transfer from the AP_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5 laptop that you downloaded above to your s22 ultra. Open Magisk on your device and press install – select the AP_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5 file earlier. Wait for the process to complete.

After the patching process is complete, transfer the patched file back to your laptop. then turn off the device, go into download mode and reconnect it to the laptop. After that open Odin and fill it as follows:

  • BL content with BL_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5
  • AP content with magisk_patched-24xxx_xxxxx.tar
  • CP fill with CP_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5
  • CSC content with CSC_OMC_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5
  • USERDATA fill with HOME_CSC_OMC_xxxxxxxxxx.tar.md5

When the flashing process is complete, your galaxy s22 ultra will restart by itself and congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra. Hopefully this article usefull for you. See you.

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