How to Make Money from YouTube Shorts for Beginners

In August 2021 ago, YouTube launched a new program YouTube Shorts to compete with the Tiktok application which is increasingly being used by the public, Saturday (05/02/2022).

YouTube is increasingly aggressively attracting more creators to use the YouTube Shorts feature. A short video feature similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels.

One of the ways is by giving the lure of rewards or salaries with a total value of 100 million US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 1.43 trillion, through a program called Shorts Fund.

This reward is reserved exclusively for YouTube Short creators who produce the most interesting and most viewed videos from 2021 to 2022.

According to the official YouTube website, starting in August 2021, Shorts creators from 10 countries will start receiving salaries ranging from 100 to 10,000 US dollars every month. Or the equivalent of Rp. 1.4 million to Rp. 143.9 million.

The ten targeted countries that can get the YouTube Short Bonus are those from Indonesia, the United States, India, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, and South Africa. And will soon be followed by other countries.

YouTube will send notifications to thousands of creators to receive the cash rewards from the Shorts Fund program.

Furthermore, creators can immediately claim the rewards before the specified deadline, or the rewards will be forfeited.

Terms for YouTube Short Creators to earn easier money from several categories, namely:

  1. Creators must make authentic Shorts videos, aka not recycled content that has been uploaded on other social media or even has a watermark from other social media.
  2. Creators must be at least 13 years old.
  3. Creators must also accept all terms from YouTube and link their AdSense account. Because the bonus will be sent directly through the account. Creators aged 13 to 18 must also ask a parent or guardian to set up an AdSense account.
  4. The creator’s YouTube channel must also have at least one video short in the last 180 days. Of course, these video shorts must comply with the Community Guidelines, copyright rules, and monetization policies that apply to YouTube.

With the launch of the Shorts Fund program, YouTube notes that there are currently 10 ways YouTube Shorts creators make money on the platform. The method is:

  • Advertisement.
  • Share the proceeds of your YouTube Premium subscription.
  • Channel subscriptions (channel membership).
  • Super Chat.
  • Super Thanks.
  • Super Stickers.
  • Merchandise.
  • Tickets.
  • YouTube BrandConnect.

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