Types of Super Sophisticated Future Technology, and the Impact of Its Use

The type of future technology is the result of human thought which over time continues to develop. These developments come from various life problems and needs that are often faced.

The emergence of future technology is one form of development that continues to run faster. In fact, now humans also have a row of technological results that make it easier to meet the needs of life.

Although it makes human life easier and has a positive impact, the presence of future technology can also have a negative impact. Many things today are considered to be destroyed if humans use future technology with super-sophisticated abilities. The following are future technologies that are expected to emerge summarized by

Warp Drive

The first type of future technology is called the warp drive. Warp drive is a product that comes from human innovation over time and increasing human needs.

Warp drive is nothing but a term for an advanced technology that allows humans to be able to explore the entire universe. The concept of the warp drive is not much different from modern spacecraft.

Although still in the discourse stage, this type of modern technology is considered to have many negative impacts. One of them is called can damage the order of the solar system because of its speed that can destroy particles in space.


In addition to warp drives, the type of future technology that is expected to be created soon is nanobots. Nanobot is a weapon that has a super small size and can be used in the health sector.

Because of its small size, the technology can enter and affect the cells of the human body. This makes nanobots also get a lot of pros and cons because of their more effective results in destroying enemies on the battlefield.

Artificial Intelligence Machine

Until now, artificial intelligence (AI) has started to be created which is used to help human activities. In the future, this technology is also estimated to be more effective and super sophisticated.

The results of this future technology are like robots with the ability to move, think, and speak. This is considered capable of making human activities lighter, faster, and more efficient without requiring a lot of time and money.

Auto War Drone

Drones are one of the most common technological products. This type of technology is often used for science and entertainment, such as data mapping, agriculture, and photography.

In the future, drone technology is expected to be used as a sophisticated tool and weapon of war. The technology of the future clearly has many negative impacts on human civilization on earth.

Because, these automated war drones can produce extraordinary power and are able to destroy places in an instant. Misuse of advanced technology can cause massive destruction.

Electronic Telepathy

The next type of future technology is electronic telepathy. Electronic telepathy allows humans to have unique communication skills using advanced technology.

Generally, telepathy is a term used to refer to the ability to read other people’s minds and personalities. If technology can make this even easier to do, then anything that is being thought of can be accessed quickly by someone else.

Positive Impact of Emerging Future Technology

A number of future technologies are clearly capable of having a positive impact on humans. With technology, the time and costs incurred by humans to carry out activities are lower.

The following are positive impacts regarding the emergence of future technologies:

  • The emergence of technology is clearly able to facilitate and ease human life when carrying out various activities in order to cover the necessities of life.
  • Future technology makes everything easier, more effective and efficient.
  • The existence of various future technologies triggers innovation and creativity to continue to be developed according to human needs.

Negative Impact of Emerging Future Technology

Like a knife, the emergence of future technology is also able to bring a number of negative impacts on human life. This can happen over time and is not realized by many people for a long time.

The following are the negative impacts of the emergence of future technology:

  • The emergence of future technology can cause addiction and laziness so that various health problems arise in humans.
  • Reduced physical activity because it has been replaced by artificial intelligence which is more effective and fast.
  • The emergence of future technology is prone to conflict and war between humans.
  • Reducing social interaction because many human activities can be replaced by modern technology.

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