Useful Tips To Secure Your iPhone

If you have a Iphone Smartphone and you want to Secure Your iPhone then you are in the right place.This simple article will guide you to Tips To Secure Your iPhone.

Security is a big deal to your property, including your pricey iPhone. Here are some useful tips for you in order to keep your phone secured. It helps when you lost or misplace it. This article is a rewrite article from the original one on All the images provided are from the article. Check out the original article to get a full version.

Useful Tips To Secure Your iPhone

I have listed them into 5 tips. Without further do, let’s get to it.

5 Useful Tips To Secure Your iPhone

1. Activate A Passcode

The very first step to secure your iPhone is by activating a passcode. A passcode normally require six digits with numeric as well as alphanumeric code. It also follows with touch ID or face ID. To set up a passcode on your iPhone go to either Settingsà Touch ID & Passcode or Settings à Face ID & Passcode.

2. Activate two-step Verification

Though two-step verification takes a bit of your time, but trust me, it is a very secure way to protect your iPhone from getting accessed to. It protects your data including photos, documents, videos, and files you have in iCloud. Not only that, it also protects your payment information for iTunes. To activate it, you can check out another article of because it requires steps you need to follow.

3. Lock Your iPhone Way Sooner

If you lost your phone somewhere and someone steals it. It is best for you to make your iPhone locked way sooner. This prevents the thief to access your phone immediately after you drop or leave it. To activate it, go to your iPhone settings on the Touch ID & Passcode. To get it more secured, it is best for you to set Require Passcode to Immediately. By activating this, it requires whoever finds your iPhone to enter a passcode immediately

4. Disable Access to Siri and Control Center

Apparently, a solid passcode is not secure enough from your phone being hacked. Your lock screen can share information via Siri. It is advisable to disable Siri from your phone lock screen. To disable it, go to Settings à Touch ID & Passcode or Settings à Face ID & Passcode then turn off Siri and Control Center

5. Activate Find My iPhone

If you are a forgetful person, you are potentially to leave your phone behind somewhere in a place you visit. Before you get it back, someone may have taken it. It is better if you activate Find My iPhone. If someone takes your phone, you can find its location. To activate it, go to Settings à [your account name] à iCloud à Find My iPhone. Turn on the Find My iPhone by swiping right.


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