3 Way to Upgrade Your Xiaomi Phone to Android Oreo 8.0

Do you looking for the way to upgrade your Xiaomi phone to Android Oreo? If it yes then you came to the right site. Because this time I will show you 3 way to upgrade your Xiaomi phone to Android Oreo 8.0.

Android Oreo 8.0 is the new operation system that just release by Google. This time update bring much change not only in display but also performance and there is many option.

Upgrade Your Xiaomi Phone to Android Oreo

But you must know not all Xiaomi phone can be upgrade to Android Oreo. Because this relate to fragmentation that happen in Android.  But don’t be discouraged I will help you to have the taste of Android Oreo.

3 Way to Upgrade Your Xiaomi Phone to Android Oreo

The first way : Manual update

(Make sure you connect to internet)

  1. First step open setting/option on your Xiaomi phone
  2. Scroll down and chose software update
  3. Then pick download update manually
  4. Wait for the synchronization to finish, because the server gonna make sure your update.
  5. If there any update for your phone then click download
  6. And there is no update you can use the second way right down below

The second way : update using Custom Rom

In this manner you can install Custom Rom to update you Xiaomi phone. The requirement to install Custom Rom your Xiaomi phone must have TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery.

  1. Download ROM LineageOS 15.0 then save it in your internal memory
  2. Also download GApps V8.0 to make sure you have Playstore (save it in internal memory too)
  3. Shut down your phone
  4. Get in to Recovery with pressing Volume up + Home + power button simultaneously
  5. Then erase cache by choosing Wipe then swipe to the right in Swipe to confirm and wait for the process to finish
  6. Then on TWRP click Install > find and chose file ROM that has been download and copy to internal memory
  7. Next swipe to the right in Swipe to confirm flash to start installing process wait until finish
  8. Back to main menu
  9. For GApss repeat step 6 but this time you pick GApps that have you download and copy to internal memory
  10. After that back to main menu
  11. Last pick Reboot > System

Usually take about 15 minute. If it take to long delete cache in Recovery

The last way : waiting for update

If the way above cannot be done don’t get discouraged, maybe developer will make Android Update for your Xiaomi phone. There is big factor that your phone didn’t get update like so many type for Xiaomi phone and developer gave priority to their flagship.

Well that’s all for 3 Way to Update Your Xiaomi Phone to Android Oreo. hopefully the tutorial useful. For critic, request, or advice you can get in touch in contact me. Don’t forget to like my facebook page genkes.

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