How The Way to Open Facebook Without Password (Could be Without Phone Numb and Email)

Opening Facebook account that forgotten password is easy, but in one side there are alot of obstacles that can make it be complicated. In here I will discuss how to make it be easier and simple.

Please don’t skip, so you will not be confused.

Open Facebook Without Password

Note: Please make sure that your account is truly really forgotten posword, not in hack by other people. If your account in hacked, the hacker will change your password, phone numb, and your recovery email, so the language will little bit different.

Can we see the saved or previously used Facebook passwords?

You only can see your facebook password if you have accessed Facebook via browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera Mini, etc.

If you save your password in Facebook application such as facebook lite, and reguler facebook , you can’t see the password. Cause this feature is only to help you be easier to login, and as far as i know, the password can’t be seen at all.

For you who ever login in browser, you can check your saved password in browser setting. If there’s no saved password, you can follow steps below to reset your password and create new password.

The preparation you need to do

Prepare the device like phone or computer that you ever login on your facebook account previously.  why? a little bit long if i have to explain, all you need to know is this is a recommended on the Facebook Help Center page. I marked Facebook’s suggestion in the red box in the screenshot below.

Apart from that, I also suggest you to use the internet or wifi network which is usually used to access the account, as well as carry out the account recovery process in the location you usually use to access the account (for example, home, campus, school, workplace … not an internet cafe) . This can help the Facebook system to find out that you are a valid owner of the account.

How The Way to Open Facebook Without Password

Opening a Facebook account that forgot password with a cellphone number (The first way)

In the first method, I will explain the process of resetting Facebook password using a cellphone number. So here you need the cellphone number that related with the Facebook account earlier.

What if the cellphone number is no longer active? There are several solutions here, you can try the second, third, and so on later.

Another solution is try to get back your phone numb. If your SIM card  is lost, it’s can be managed of at a service center so that a SIM card with the same number is printed. The process is not complicated, just bring your KTP to the service center provider that you are using. Only the condition is that the card has not disappeared for too long.

If the number is already, you can follow the next steps below:

  1. The first, open this page, fill your phone number in the column provided. and then tap “Find”
  2. Then you will be asked for a password, just tap “Try another way”.
  3. Next, you will be taken to the “Select how to login” page as below. Here select the menu “Send code via SMS”. then tap “Next”.
  4. After that you will be taken to the page to fill in the 6 digit code as below. Here you just wait for the SMS to give the code from Facebook, after getting the SMS, type the code into the column. After that, tap “next.
  5. Next, you will be asked for to enter a new password. Type the password then tap “Next”
  6. Done. At this point, the process for resetting the facebook account password has been completed, but usually there are a few additional settings that Facebook will ask about. Here on the first page I select “Stay logged in”, then select continue. In the second, I choose “OK”.
  7. The last, you will be taken to the home page. Here you are immediately logged in.

Next, we will discuss the password reset process with a recovery email, the actual process is not much different, but I will still explain the details from the start so that it is not confusing.

Open a Facebook account that forgot password with a recovery email (Second way)

In here the main requirements are clear, you must have access to the recovery email account, because a 6-digit verification code will be sent to your email inbox.

Then what if you forget the email or forget the email password?

There is only one solution, that is, no matter how you do it, you must get the email and email password. There are many discussions related to this on the Internet.

If you already have access to your email account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Just like in the first method, go to the page. Here you will be asked to enter a mobile number, tap the link “Search by email or your name”.
  2. Then you can search by email or your name, but here I “require” you to search by email. After filling in the email in the available column, Tap “Search”.
  3. Next, you will be taken to the “Select Method to Login” page as below. Here select “Send code via email”, then tap”Next”.
  4. On the next page you will find an explanation that Facebook sends a code to your email, and you are asked for to enter the 6-digit code into the column.
  5. Switch to your email, and then open your email inbox first, and look for messages from Facebook, the message should be in the top position. Write down the 6 digit code.
  6. Enter the code to available column on facebook, then tap “next”.
  7. You will be asked for to fill the new password. If you are done, tap “next”
  8. Finish. As usual you will be taken to the page as below. If there are another choice, for example a request that related to the account security, just follow or you can skip.

Open a Facebook account with help a trusted contact friend (Third way)

It is one of the alternatif to overcome forgot Facebook password if your email or cellphone number is no longer active or cannot be accessed anymore.

Here the process, you need to contact three of your friends who are registered as trusted contacts for help. The condition is that you have previously set 3-5 of your friends as trusted contacts. If not, then you can’t use this method.

Opening a Facebook account via identity card verification (Fourth way)

It is the alternatif for someone who has no access to recovery email and phone number.

I ever try this way, but I didn’t have time to document it. Luckily one of my writers has written about this. This way only can use one time, after I successfully verified with an identity card such as KTP, I can’t repeat the process again. So it’s difficult for me to make a tutorial and document it like the methods previously described above.

The discussion is related to the hacked Facebook account, but it can still be applied in this case, because the conditions are the same. When a Facebook account is hacked, all recovery options will be overridden by the hacker. So there they don’t have access to trusted cellphone numbers, e-mails, and contacts.

Opening a Facebook account via the Facebook help center page (fifth way)

Here, you will be asked for to fill a short form such as below

Beside that you also can try the other help center forms here

Can I hack Facebook that forgot my password with the help of hacking services on the Internet?

Someone ever asking to me when she asked for me to hacking facebook account that forgot the password.

I see in Internet there are alot of social media account hacking services, from low budget till pricey. Things that be question is, does it work? you have to make it sure. because do not let your money go out, and have hoped, but it turns out that money is lost and there is no news from the service seller.

Here, I will try to answer the question. If there’s someone who asking me, does the Facebook account that forgot the password can be hacked through a hacking service? I don’t think this can be done.

I’m not a hacker, I jus understand a little bit about hacking, but if I asked to hack any social media account in internet, i’m sure i can do it.

Most of the hacking methods, it targets user negligence. This is because existing hacking methods cannot penetrate Facebook’s security system.

Once more, the focus of hacking is on the users, whether they are phished and have their passwords obtained by hackers, or the hackers guessed their passwords, or the login cookies were hijacked, or the verification code was taken, etc. That is the focus on Facebook users, not on the Facebook system.

So, if your self cannot login to your account, the hacker can do nothing. I hope you got it.

I’m not saying that facebook system is truly really without bug. but if there are loopholes, hackers will not use the loopholes to sell hacking services that cost 100 thousand or 200 thousand. This is because these “loopholes” can be reported to Facebook via a bug-bounty system, where Facebook gives prizes (up to hundreds of millions of rupiah) to hackers who help Facebook find loopholes in it’s system.

So if the hacker offers you 200 thousand rupiahs, there is no way he knows the Facebook loophole, because it is better for him to immediately report the gap and get a gift from Facebook. This is because the loopholes that he can, could be closed at any time, so it is more “valuable” to report as soon as possible.

Well, maybe I’ll try testing existing services. Then later I will tell  here about my experience testing these services.

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