23 Recommended Money Making Websites Trusted, No Tricks!

Are there any money-making websites that actually provide income to their users? Ah, sure deception!

In fact, many people have made millions of rupiah from these money-making websites, you know! With a laptop or cellphone and internet capital, you can already collect the coffers of money for additional income..

Money Making Websites

Well, in this article, we will provide some recommendations for trusted money-making websites that are easy to try. Come on, see the following description.

Here are 23+ Money Making Websites Without Capital That You Can Try

We’ve rounded up more than 20 free money-making websites that are proven to be trusted. So, you don’t have to bother doing your own research. Here’s the discussion one by one:

1. Google AdSense

Do you have a busy blog or YouTube account? Just try to register your channel on Google AdSense to get income. Google AdSense is an advertising service managed by Google.

How to register for Google AdSense is also not difficult, really. Just fill in the complete registration form provided and wait for verification from Google.

If it is verified, you make settings on your blog or YouTube so that you can serve ads. For blogs, you need to set the type and choose the style of the ad text that will be installed on your blog.

When you’re done, update your blog and YouTube to increase the profits you get. Because, the more content you upload, the more impressions and clicks you will get.

Later, if the ad is already installed on your platform, you will get benefit from every ad clicked by the visitor.

The price per click can vary, on average 0.18 dollars per click. Then, this income will be sent by Google to the account registered with Google AdSense.

2. Twitch

Do you like playing online games? Just play games on Twitch. Twitch is a website that is often used by gamers to live stream online games.

In there you can play video games while live streaming. If you are a pro-player and can provide tips on playing certain games, your channel can have a large following.

Beside that, Twitch also has traffic that is no less high than Google or Netflix in prime time, you know! So if you can increase your channel’s popularity, you also have the opportunity to earn a lot of money.

So, how do you get money from Twitch? Here’s how:

  • Donations – You can get donations from subscribers via PayPal.
  • Affiliates – You can earn extra by inviting other people to join Twitch through your referral code.
  • Sponsors – if there are sponsors who are interested, you can be asked to become an Influencer to market their products.
  • Merchandise Sales – You can open an online store and put up merchandise for sale.

3. Niagahoster Affiliate

Niagahoster Affiliate Website is an Indonesian hosting affiliate program that provides up to 70% commission for every purchase.

Till today, it is proven that the commission amounting to 14,567,380,138 has been disbursed to more than 2547 members. How are you interested in joining the Niagahoster affiliate program?

Just sign up. It’s free. Then, promote Niagahoster products as widely as possible. You can advertise your coupon code or put a referral banner on the website.

If someone buys a product using a coupon code or via a referral banner, the commission will be sent directly to your account.

4. Swagbucks

Sitting and watching videos can you earn money? I can. You do this by using the Swagbucks site.

Swagbucks is a site that rewards points for filling out surveys, watching videos, playing games, and selling affiliate products. These Swagbucks points can later be redeemed in the form of PayPal balances or products on Amazon and Walmart.

How to register is also easy. You just need to create an account at Swagbucks then wait for verification and start collecting points.

The easiest and most fun way is to watch advertising videos. There are many categories of videos that you can watch, ranging from entertainment, traveling, and much more.

Each video of about 2 minutes will get 2 SB. If a day you can collect up to 430 SB or the equivalent of 4 dollars.

You can also use the point multiplier feature provided to earn more points. However, if you want to use the feature, you need to pay around 4.99 – 9.99 dollars.

5. ySense

Another trusted money making website is ySense. This site offers many online surveys that allow you to earn money after filling them out.

The amount of wages given can vary according to the survey you are doing. The more complex and time-consuming it is, the greater the reward. For a survey with 10-15 minutes of work, the fee is about 0.5-2 dollars.

Want to get extra pay? Just join the affiliate program. All you have to do is invite as many people as you can to join ySense. Later you will receive a commission that will be sent 10 days after registration.

You can withdraw the balance of wages that you have accumulated in ySense with PayPal. Oh yes, the minimum withdrawal is also not too big, only 10 dollars.

6. Qmee

Just browsing on Google can get money? Really can, you know. Seriously! The trick, you just register on the money-making website, Qmee.

Qmee is a website that allows you to earn just by browsing the internet.

You just register and install the extension then do a search on Google. Later, this extension will display a special section to display website pages that make money when clicked.

You don’t need to worry that the extension will interfere with your browsing experience, because Qmee will not always display results in every keyword search.

7. TranscribeMe

As the name implies, TranscribeMe is an online transcription website that is open for you to earn rewards for transcribing recordings.

This site is also often used by business owners or professionals to copy the recordings of meetings and meetings into written form.

To become one of the transcription workers, you will undergo a short test from

TranscribeMe first. If you pass, you are put on their transcription project waiting list.

Well, the income you will get from transcription starts from 15-22 dollars per hour. That’s great, isn’t it? Every week, you will get paid for projects that have been done via PayPal.

8. Rev

Still similar to TranscribeMe, Rev is also an online transcription service provider website that allows you to earn income.

To be able to get a project in Rev, you must first pass a transcript skill test from Rev.

You will receive wages from the Rev about 24-39 dollars per hour of recording which will be paid weekly via PayPal. If you can transcribe 10 hours of recording a week, you can earn $240-390. Fantastic numbers, right?


Another money-making website is This website is an Indonesian freelance site that is quite popular.

Through this site, you can earn from being a freelancer on the available projects. Starting from programming, design, social media, to writing services.

In fact, you can also sell your own digital products, such as ebooks, website templates, and more.

You just need to create an account and start offering services to project owners. If the project owner agrees to your offer, you can start working on the project according to the agreement. Well, you can read the terms and regulations here.

After the project is completed, the project owner will pay the funds through You will be charged a 12 percent fee discount from each project. Later, you can withdraw the funds to your account.

10. Sribulancer

Similar to, Sribulancer is also a site that makes money through freelance work.

You can find many kinds of jobs that suit your abilities. Graphic design, yes. Website creation or article writing is also available.

You can get paid for your services from Sribulancer after completing the project. You only need to upload your Identity Card to apply for payment. Later, the money will be directly transferred to your account.

Well, what’s interesting about Sribulancer, the owner of work is not only from Indonesia. So, you can earn more through clients from abroad.

11. Fiverr

Similar to and Sribulancer, Fiverr is also a website that makes money without capital by working freelance.

However, there is one thing that sets it apart from most existing freelance websites. On other sites, the client is making the announcement to look for workers, on Fiverr you are the one making the announcement for the client to find.

This unique system will certainly make it easier for you. Because, you don’t have to bother applying or promoting here and there on client projects.

For that, you need to make your service profile as attractive as possible. Explain your skills and experience clearly and concisely.

The payment system is the same as other freelance websites, you can withdraw your balance via PayPal or bank transfer.

12. Steemit

Steemit is a social media platform that allows you to earn money by creating content, commenting, and voting on it.

If your content is interesting and has a lot of votes, you can get paid quite a lot. Well, the payment you will receive is in the form of crypto currency such as Steem. This type of currency is the same as Bitcoin which can be traded on the Bittrex exchange.

Of course, the price of these coins can change according to the conditions of the cryptocurrency market at that time. Wow, it could also be an investment field, right?

13. Shutterstock

Have a digital work that is worth selling? Just upload it on Shutterstock. This website is a collection site for images, photos, vectors, videos, and music.

To be able to get coffers of money from Shutterstock, you need to create an account and become a contributor there. Then upload your collection of digital works.

Every time your work is downloaded, you can get a reward of 0.25 to 0.38 dollars. It’s only been downloaded once, imagine if it was downloaded many times. Some even earn up to 34,000 dollars. Wow, fantastic, right?

Well, to withdraw the money, you must already have a minimum balance of 35 dollars from your downloaded work on Shutterstock.

14. Sribu

Sribu is a money-making website that provides freelance work specifically for designers. The design work available is very diverse, from logo design to interior design.

Interestingly, at Sribu, you can enter contests held by job seekers. Where if you win, you can get a sizable prize and get a project. Interesting right?

By participating in contests, you can also add to your portfolio to attract the attention of project owners.

Anyway, to be able to get the project, you need to create an account first. Just fill in the registration registration as a designer and wait for the data verification process. Once verified, you can start looking for freelance designs and enter contests.

Well, the wages for your hard work can be withdrawn via Bank BCA transfer. If you do not have a BCA account, you will be charged a transaction fee discount.

15. 99designs

As the name implies, 99designs is a freelance website specifically for designers. If you have design skills, this website can be one of the places where you can earn extra income!

Not only can you get freelance work, there you can also compete in competitions held by service seekers. The prizes provided also vary, even up to hundreds of dollars you know!

To register at 99design, you only need to fill in the registration registration and wait for the verification results. Once verified, you can start looking for a suitable contest.

Anyway, 99design has quite strict rules and high quality. Some accounts with design quality that do not meet standards or commit fraud, may be suspended. For that, continue to learn design skills and techniques to improve design quality.

Well, for those of you who are still beginners, no need to worry. 99design also provides various articles for novice designers. Starting from tips on starting a freelance career and others.

16. YouGov Indonesia

The next free money-making website is YouGov Indonesia. YouGov is a trusted survey and research website that allows you to earn.

You only need to answer a few useful questions for company marketing purposes. For example, to improve the quality of product marketing.

So, apart from being rewarded, you have also helped many companies grow. Therefore, as much as possible answer the survey questions well.

Well, the reward you receive is in the form of points that can be exchanged for AirAsia BIG points, cash via PayPal, shopping vouchers, or credit. That’s great, right?

To get started, you just need to register, check your email for verification and start the first survey so you can get 100 points.

17. OpinionWorld

OpinionWorld is an Indonesian online market research website that can be one of your additional income fields.

This website is quite popular. Every month, 2 million surveys are filled out and the surveyors pay a total of 5 billion rupiah.

Well, to be able to fill out a survey, you will get an invitation to fill out a survey via the registered email. Survey work usually takes about 5-15 minutes. After completing the filling, you will get points that will be sent to your account.

The points you get can vary, depending on the level of difficulty of the survey. In fact, you can get 300 points in one survey. If you have accumulated a lot, you can exchange your points for money or Blibli and Tokopedia shopping vouchers. Every 1000 points will be equivalent to 10 US dollars.


You can also earn from the 2captcha website. The website provides captcha input jobs. These websites are needed by large companies for various purposes, such as collecting valid data.

For every 1000 captcha you input, you can get 1 dollar. If you have the ability to type fast and accurately, this website is suitable to be a money-making site without capital.

This 2captcha website will provide payment to your 2captcha account. You can withdraw the collected balance using several methods, such as Advcash, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and others.

19. Point-web

Web Points is one of those money-making websites that you can try just by doing simple tasks. For example, filling out surveys, shopping online, to playing games.

How to use it is quite easy, just register yourself at Then wait for the verification process and perform the tasks provided.

For example, playing mini games. There are several interesting games provided, such as Unyu Ninja, Samurai Bargain, Love Fighters, and Wigs. Each game can only be played once a day. So, as much as possible you play the game well in order to get a lot of points.

Well, the points you collected earlier can be exchanged for rupiah. 1 point is equivalent to 1 rupiah. If you have accumulated a lot of points, you can withdraw them to your account.

20. Raja Backlink

Are you a blogger? There is an easy way to get money from this blog. How to register your blog on Rajabacklink.

Rajabacklink is a quality backlink search site that is quite popular among bloggers. Later, the blog that you register will become a backlink for marketers.

How to register is also quite easy. Just fill out the Rajabacklink registration form and create your account. Once done, add your blog page in the newly created account. Then, wait for the blog verification process. Usually the verification process only takes less than a day.

After being approved, you will see the blog rate from the quality of your blog. This rate determination is made by the Rajabacklink admin. The higher the DA PA value of the blog, the higher the rate. That is, the payment you will receive from backlinks will be even greater.

Anyway, the payment system is 70 percent for you and 30 percent for Raja backlink as an intermediary.


If you are a content creator or influencer, whether on blog media, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, try registering on Sosiago.

Sosiago is a website that provides content creators and influencers to make the campaigns of business owners successful.

How to register to become a Sosiago influencer member? That’s easy. Just fill in your email, first name, last name, and password. After that, complete your personal account info and channel information that you will use for the campaign.

Then, also add the price you offer per campaign post. For those of you who are beginners, don’t shoot too high a price first. We recommend that you make an offer to the owner of the available campaigns.

If you are selected, then just follow the brief specified for posting the campaign, be it posting blog articles, photos on Instagram, or videos on YouTube.

Anyway, the campaign owner will later pay the rewards to your Sosiogo account balance. In the second week of every Thursday, the balance will be sent to your personal account. Very simple, right?


Another free money-making website is This website is a dropshipper site that you can follow for free. Yep, free alias without capital to start a business.

To become a dropshipper member, you only need to register and then select the product you want to sell to promote on social media, marketplace, or your personal online store.

If someone buys it, all you have to do is order the product at Tokodistributor using the drop ship system. This means that the product will be delivered directly to the buyer on your behalf. How? Easy isn’t it?

23. UserTesting

UserTesting is a website that provides application and software testing for product development purposes.

UserTesting has been used by large companies such as Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Twitter, and many more.

To be registered as a tester, you only need to register and fill in your personal data.

If so, you are required to take the test by activating your webcam and microphone. Later, all your activities while doing the test will be recorded by UserTesting.

So, we recommend you to prepare your connection, laptop and headset to make your test successful. If you pass, you just have to wait to get the project from UserTesting.

You will be rewarded 10 dollars for every 20 minutes of video testing recorded. That’s great, isn’t it?

How are you interested in testing the application of a well-known product? Come register yourself!


The last, we recommend ACX as a free money making website that you can join. ACX is a website that offers vacancies as an audio book narrator.

So, if you have a hobby of reading books and also a good voice, just try auditioning.

Just create an account and register first. Then look for the book narrator audition provided and record a few minutes of the script.

If selected, you will collaborate with the project owner. After the end of the project. You will get paid according to the agreement. It can be a full payment up front or a 50% royalty payment on audio book sales.

Come on, Earn Money from Money-Making Websites!

Well, those were some trusted money-making websites that you can try. Turns out there are lots of choices.

Starting from survey filling websites, live streaming, freelancers, design sales, playing games, to audio book narrators. Just choose according to your abilities.

The rewards also vary, some are in the form of money or points that can be exchanged for vouchers, pulses, or money.

You won’t get the results right away. However, if practiced, you can get maximum results. No wonder many people make it their main source of income.

If you want to get more additional income, just join the Niagahoster Affiliate program. No need for capital, you can earn up to millions of rupiah!

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