How to Improve the Security of your Smartphone

In the advanced era just like now, the use of smartphones is a requirement for us. Almost all the things we do are using smartphones. like communicating, shopping, working, and anything else.

Unfortunately, all of the easiness is misused by the overspreading of Cyber Crime in Cyberspace. That’s why it’s so important for us to keep protecting our smartphones as well as possible.

Improve the Security of your Smartphone

It’s to minimize the risk of your smartphone being targeted by irresponsible people. The following are some ways to improve your security smartphone is:

How to Improve the Security of your Smartphone

Avoid saving passwords in smartphones

The user almost saving their passwords in the online service or site in smartphones. In fact, it will have a big risk. If one day your phone is not yours anymore, maybe the password will be misused by the others. The best step is to avoid saving your passwords on your mobile. Especially the passwords which have connected with your bank transaction.

Secure Internet Network

avoid using the facility of public wifi on the process to do bank transactions. To avoid data theft through the internet network, you can use a VPN. VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. VPN is can help you to encrypt all of your wifi networks which you can use when you do online transactions. you can download this application on Google Play Store.

Protect your email

one of the most important that you should protect is your email. you can use Android Privacy Guard (APG) which can prevent the hacker to break your private data. for maximal protection, you can use APG together with the K-9 Email application. As a strong cooperation in email security when you send messages. You can download both of these applications on the Google Play Store.

Secure your smartphone application

the application which we always download free on google play store often relies on the advertisement as a source of income. These things will make your internet quota sucked up every time you open the application.

besides that, every application that you installed will need access to some facilities on your smartphone. one of the ways to improve your smartphone security is you can see the access permission which ask by the application. the ways are select setting – apps. After that, click the application that you want to know the access of permission, then click permissions. if you do not allow it, just choose deny.

Install antivirus on your smartphone

give the security additional with install antivirus or antimalware on your smartphone. some of the antivirus application which you can download is AVG, Norton Security, Avast, MacAfee, and anything else.

Improve your security with anti-thief application

If you use AVG antivirus, you can activate the anti-thief feature in onetime. with this application, your smartphone location will be detected automatically. if one time your smartphone lost or stolen, you can trace it by sending messages.

lock your smartphone

every smartphone has a rest screen facility at a certain time. This application is aimed to save the usage of battery. you can select the key types that you want. click setting menu – security. will be better if you choose pattern, password, or face detection to lock your smartphone. these key types have higher security because only you know it.


All of this is the information on how the ways to improve your smartphone security. Don’t forget to protect your mobile phone as soon as possible. Safe your smartphone, save your private data, it’s mean to save your life.

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