Have Done Enable Two-Factor Authentication on facebook, But Then You Can Not Login ?

First of all if you can not login to your facebook account, you should know the problem that is causing it. There are many reasons that might cause you to be unable to access or login to your facebook account.

The reason why facebook can’t login:

  1. Login identity error
  2. Password writing error
  3. Forgot facebook password
  4. Forgot facebook account email
  5. Unstable internet connection
  6. Account deactivated by facebook
  7. Account hacked by other party
  8. Facebook app problem
  9. Facebook blocked by internet service provider
  10. Facebook server has crashed

After you know the problem that you have, you can fix it. But if you can’t fix it, don’t be worry.

There are other ways if you can’t receive two-factor authentication codes with your phone or authentication app. Sometimes it takes time for the SMS code to come in. Check your phone again a few moments later.

  • If you’re logging in from another browser or device, check your notifications. You may be able to approve this login from that browser or device.
  • If you still have the Recovery Code saved or printed, you can use it to approve this login.

After logging in, you can:

  1. Adding a new mobile number to your account
  2. Add another authentication app to your account.
  3. Add a security key to your account.
  4. Disable two-factor authentication from Security and Login Settings.

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