How to Check Somebody’s Phone Remotely

Technology has made everything easy. Tricks that were once limited to Sci-Fi books and movies are now possible. For instance, monitoring someone’s phone remotely, which seemed like a Herculean task, is now totally doable.

If you’re a parent, it is your responsibility to monitor what your underage kids are doing on their phones. Plus, you need to ensure that they’re always on the side of the law.

Check Somebody’s Phone Remotely

If you have reasons to suspect your partner or employee, it is possible to monitor their phones. This article will show you how to go about it.

Monitor Their Phones Through Password Peeking

This is one of the most basic methods of spying on someone’s phone. And you’d get access to sensitive information on their device. For this to be possible, the person needs to be there with their phones.

Check Somebody’s Phone Remotely

You can tell them you’ve sent something to their device. And you’re wondering if they’ve seen it. Stay close to them when they’re unlocking their phone to get the password combination.

And when they leave their phones unattended, you can type the same combination and get access into their smartphones and see what they’re up in there. Just make sure you leave everything on the smartphone the way they are before its owner returns.

Cracking and Unlocking the Target Smartphone

You can also break into someone else’s smartphone by cracking and accessing the device. There is software that grantCheck Somebody’s Phone Remotelys you backdoor access to any smartphone that isn’t encrypted. Successfully, you’d get unlimited access to the person’s smartphone without being detected.

This process requires a little bit of technical experience. Safe to say if you’re not up for it, you shouldn’t bother with this method.

Monitor with the Use of Spy Software

One of the most efficient, easiest, and recommended methods to check someone’s device without their knowledge is with the use of spy software. Why? It doesn’t require you to have a technical skill to pull it off like a pro.

These apps allow you to monitor someone’s device from anywhere in the world without being detected. Some of these apps include:

Auto Forward

Auto Forward is a leading spyware app that is available for both Android and iOS-supported smartphones. With this app, you can get instant access to the target phone, revealing their call history, text messages, GPS location, emails, social media accounts, instant messaging apps. This software establishes a remote connection to the device that is being targeted, and you’re in!

If you take a look at Auto Forward reviews, you will find one unique feature — with such software, you can read long-deleted messages on the target device. You can even get access to their website visits, contacts, and gallery — exactly the way it appears on their phones.

Auto Forward has two one-time payment options for you to enjoy their service. The basic plan goes for $29.99 with more features allowed in the Pro plan, which is slated for $69.99.


Another spyware app you should consider to check somebody’s phone remotely is Spyic. Like most premium spyware, this particular app functions in stealth mode, granting access to virtually everything on a target’s phone without their knowledge.

It doesn’t require you to have a technical skill; neither does the target phone need to be jailbroken or rooted. You are, however, required to install the app on the target phone. After then, you’ll get unlimited access to monitor social media conversations, text messages, phone calls, track key logs, access GPS, and read SMS sent and received.


Another spyware app that does the job efficiently is Cocospy. This app allows you to hack and monitor sensitive information that is inside the targeted smartphone. And you’d receive these notifications remotely without alerting the device user.

Cocospy works on both Android and Apple smartphones without the need for jailbreaking or rooting your phone or the target phone. On android phones, you’d only need to install the app once on the target phone. On iOS devices, you’d need to fill out the iCloud credentials of the target user, and you’re good to go.


These days, anything is possible, including monitoring the activities on someone else’s device remotely. We recommend using Auto Forward because it’s a powerful, stealth-enabled app that tracks the user’s phone in real-time.

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