How to Track iPhone Without iCloud

Losing a high-end smartphone from Apple can make your head spin and even your heart drop. Not to mention if you don’t know how to find it again. Actually, there is a way to track iPhone without iCloud. This is the ultimate step that users should know.

Owners of this elegant and smart phone are no strangers to relying heavily on iCloud especially for storage and location tracking.

Track iPhone Without iCloud

Unfortunately, this can only be done if the device is powered on. Here’s what it’s like to know other ways to find an iPhone that happened to be lost.

How to Track iPhone Without iCloud Help

The last position of the device can be seen even when it is turned off. All you need to do is take advantage of another app and it’s very easy. Indeed, installing additional apps on this one phone is not as easy as on an Android device. Sometimes additional software does not work properly because it does not meet the authorization from Apple.

Well, here are some ways you can do it when you can’t use iCloud:

1. Use Find My iPhone

When the user does not have other additional applications, then this built-in feature can be used. Although the way it works is still using iCloud, but on new devices this software is already installed.

All you need to do is borrow another iDevice like a Mac, or an iPad, and of course an iPhone. After this sign, the search for the location of the lost device via the internet occurs after the user activates Lost Mode. GPS will work immediately and can see the movement of the smartphone in real time when the phone is turned on.

On the screen, you will see a moving green dot indicating where the iPhone has moved. But if it is off, it will appear gray at the last location. It is not only used to track but can be used to delete all personal data so that it cannot be misused by others.

2. Install the Dropbox App

Losing a phone as sophisticated as the iPhone and not connecting to iCloud can actually be solved by adding other software. This app functions as storage and data back up and should be installed first on the device as a precaution.

Why so? The reason is because now thieves are increasingly tech-savvy and aware that users must connect their data to Find My Phone. So they can disable it after stealing. Well, by adding Dropbox, phone owners can still save data while tracking the whereabouts of their iPhone.

For example, if the thief takes a picture of anything from the stolen cellphone, the image will go directly to Dropbox as well. From here you can track the location of the last photo taking. Although it doesn’t always work, at least this method is enough to save previously saved data.

3. Viewing iPhone’s Existence from Google Maps History

At first glance it seems a little unreasonable but when this Apple phone is lost, then everything must be done to find it. Including looking for it via Google Maps. Luckily for users who previously had an account on this application because it could be used for tracking.

It is recommended to immediately log in to this software from another device after realizing the iPhone is missing because the search feature can only run when the smartphone is turned on. When searching, narrow down the time to the one closest to the time lost. Unfortunately, if in the off position, the feature will not be able to function.

4. Use Hey, Siri Bantuan Help

Apple’s mobile phone never ceases to make its users adore it. Its technological advantages make the owner’s life always easier. An example is this one sound catcher application, it can be used like a search engine for any business.

As a virtual assistant that relies on voice commands, this feature can be used when searching for a lost device. However, there is a note that this software can only be used in close locations such as the home or office environment. So to speak for when the iPhone is tucked away.

The easy way is to talk Hey, Siri, then the software will reply to incoming commands even if the device is muted. The voice reply from this application can be used to search the iPhone. Keep talking while moving because the closer you are, the easier it is for Siri to catch you.

5. Don’t Forget Apple Watch

Synchronizing all owned iDevice turns out to have a myriad of benefits. An example is the company’s sophisticated watch with the bitten apple logo. But again, it can only be used to search around the house or nearby locations.

The trick is to make sure the Apple watch is connected to WiFi or has Bluetooth enabled. There’s an iPhone pinging feature on the watch, so when it’s been connected before, the lost device can be tracked.

6. Use Google Photos

Indirectly, this storage and backup media application can be used to track the whereabouts of Apple smartphones. For example, when a thief takes a photo through the camera and saves it, the iPhone owner can track it from the history of the image itself. Of course, you must first login to Google Photos on someone else’s laptop or cellphone.

It’s not really that practical because the previous device had to have location enabled and have access to the app. If not, then of course this additional benefit cannot be utilized. Although it seems like “gambling” because you have to wait for the thief to take pictures of an object, this step is worth trying as a precaution.

In conclusion, the owner of a sophisticated smartphone produced by Apple must carry out layered protection to prevent the loss of the cellphone. How to track an iPhone without iCloud described above can be tried in an emergency.

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