10 Tips to Maximize Use of Old iPhone Hidden Features

Compared to Android phones, the iPhone has several advantages. You can see these advantages from the luxurious design sector.

The availability of various applications in the App Store, and smooth software performance.

Tips to Maximize Use of Old iPhone Hidden Features

In addition to feeling these advantages, you can also maximize the use of iPhone with a number of available features. Well, what are the iPhone tips that you can do?

10 Tips to Maximize Use of Old iPhone Hidden Features

1. Stop Music with Timer

The first iPhone tip is to stop the music using the timer. These iPhone tips apply to those of you who often listen to music before bed and want to save battery life without having to wake up to turn it off.

These iPhone tips can be done by going to the Clock menu, clicking Timer, setting the time duration and clicking the “Stop Playing” option.

2. Set Passcode Alphanumerically

Using a password can certainly provide more security on your iPhone because it cannot be accessed by others. In addition to using a passcode in the form of a number, you can create an alphanumeric passcode to make it more secure.

This iPhone tip can be done by clicking Settings, selecting Passcode, clicking Turn Passcode On or Change Passcode if you have previously used it, then when prompted to enter four or six numbers, select Passcode Options, and select Custom Alphanumeric Code.

3. Take Photos with Earphones

Other iPhone tips you can do when taking pictures. In addition to the function of photographing can be done by clicking the volume up button, you can also use earphones as a shutter button.

You can do this with the default earphones or other brand earphones that have Bluetooth features.

4. Charge Faster with Airplane Mode

When you’re in a hurry but you have to wait for the iPhone’s battery to be full, you can speed up the charging process just by setting your iPhone to airplane mode.

By activating airplane mode, your iPhone will automatically turn off data networks and the Wi-Fi search process so that the battery will charge drastically faster.

5. Adjust Camera Focus

These iPhone tips are common, but quite a lot of users don’t know about them. Yes, you can adjust the camera focus on the iPhone so that the resulting photos are not blurry and deserve to be shared on social media.

The trick, tap the screen for two seconds when opening the camera application and wait for the ‘AF Locked’ information to appear on the focus you take. Then, you just click the shutter button to take pictures.

6. Maximize Calculator Features

On the iPhone, the calculator feature available is very simple. However, you can turn it into a scientific calculator by turning your iPhone into landscape mode. In addition, you can also delete the last digit by swiping the screen from left to right or vice versa.

7. Check Signal Strength

Want to check signal strength? You just need to type *3001#12345#* on the dial button and open Field Mode to check the signal quality on your iPhone and change the graphical signal display to numbers.

If the displayed score is -50, it means that you can stream video content smoothly, while -120 indicates that the available signal reception is really bad.

8. Close Three Apps at Once

The next iPhone tip is to close three applications at the same time. The trick, please drag your three fingers on the multitasking menu and the three applications will close automatically. Of course, these iPhone tips come in handy when you’re in a hurry.

9. Save Battery by Turning Off Spotlight

Spotlight is one of the newest iPhone features that allows you to quickly find out the news or weather information.

However, in fact this iPhone feature is very battery draining because it runs in the background. We recommend that you turn off this feature to keep battery efficient by going to the Settings menu, clicking General and clicking Spotlight Search by turning the toggle to the off position.

10. Shake to undo

The last iPhone tips is very useful when you are typing an SMS or iMessage but accidentally deleted it.

To restore a message that you have typed, all you have to do is shake your iPhone until the Undo Typing notification appears. Then, you just click Undo to bring up the previously deleted text.

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