5 Little-Known iPhone Tricks, From How to Create Degrees till How to Convert Documents to PDF

Some of you may think that the old iPhone is not as good as the latest iPhone.

In fact, the old iPhone also has some very useful features.

iPhone Tricks
Here’s the explanation.

1. Press ‘0’ until the degree symbol appears.

If you want to send a message regarding the degree temperature, simply press zero for one second for the degree symbol to appear.

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2. Adjust the brightness of the flashlight.

Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen (old iPhone devices) while for iPhone X and later models from the top right to see Control Center then tap and hold the flashlight icon.

3. Set the timer.

To set a timer or timer, simply swipe up from the bottom (old iPhones) and from the right up (Iphone X and newer models) to see Control Center.

Hold down the timer icon until a new menu appears. Then slide the bar up or down to adjust the time you want to set.

4. Send an emergency call.

If you’re ever in trouble, you can set up your iPhone to send an emergency call.

Just open Settings, scroll down to Emergency SOS, then enable Auto Call and Call with Side Button.

To make an emergency call, simply press the side button five times.

5. How to convert a document on your phone into a PDF.

Users can scan documents using only iPhone.

First of all, open the Notes app and click on notepad in the bottom right corner. Press the small camera button which gives the option to scan the document.

Remove the scanned photo and save it as a PDF file.

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