Download KingRoot Latest v5.4.0 APK

If you have a android Smartphone and you want to root it without PC, Mac or laptop safely, then you are in the right place. Here, on this page we have managed to share all the previos version of KingRoot as well as the latest version. Download KingRoot Latest APK.

KingRoot is the best one click Android Rooting Tool. Just a few simple steps can get you a rooted device within minutes. KingRoot is developed in apk file format. Free download and install it on your Android device, click to root and voila, it is done.

Download Kingroot Latest

Why Root? Rooting your android device you can do as much as customization’s on your device, Like you can installing Custom ROMs, Remove Preinstalled Bloadware, Blocking Ads in Any Apps, Install Incompatible Apps, Change Skin for your Android, Boost your Android Device’s Speed and Battrey Life, Add External Storage, and many more.

Download KingRoot Latest (All Version)

  1. Kingroot v5.4.0 *Latest Version
  2. Kingroot v5.3.8 * 21 Desember 2019
  3. Kingroot v5.3.7 *19 July 2018
  4. Kingroot v5.3.5 *07 Januari 2018
  5. Kingroot v5.3.3 *01 Januari 2018
  6. Kingroot v5.3.2 *21 Desember 2017
  7. KingRoot v5.3.0 *25 Oktober 2017
  8. KingRoot v5.2.2 *15 September2017
  9. KingRoot v5.2.1 *24 Juli 2017
  10. KingRoot v5.20 *11 Juli 2017
  11. KingRoot v5.2.0 *14 Juni 2017
  12. KingRoot v5.1.2 *19 Mei 2017
  13. KingRoot v5.1.0 *11 Mei 201
  14. KingRoot v5.0.6 
  15. KingRoot v5.0.5
  16. KingRoot v5.0.4 
  17. KingRoot v5.0.3
  18. KingRoot v5.0.2_2017_01_13
  19. KingRoot v5.0.1_2016_12_25
  20. KingRoot v5.0.0_2016_11_23
  21. KingRoot v5.0.0_2016_11_16
  22. KingRoot v4.9.7_2016_11_14
  23. KingRoot v4.9.7_2016_11_11
  24. KingRoot v4.9.7_2016_11_08
  25. KingRoot v4.9.7_2016_10_25
  26. KingRoot v4.9.7_2016_10_18
  27. KingRoot v4.9.6_2016_09_28
  28. KingRoot v4.9.6_2016_09_18
  29. KingRoot v4.9.6_2016_09_06
  30. KingRoot v4.9.6_2016_09_02
  31. KingRoot v4.9.6_2016_08_30
  32. v4.9.6_2016_08_26
  33. KingRoot v4.9.6_2016_08_03
  34. KingRoot v4.9.5_2016_07_28
  35. KingRoot v4.9.5_2016_07_26
  36. KingRoot v4.9.5_2016_07_05
  37. KingRoot v4.9.3_2016_06_14
  38. KingRoot v4.9.3_2016_06_06
  39. KingRoot v4.9.2_2016_06_03
  40. KingRoot v4.9.2_2016_05_12
  41. KingRoot v4.9.0_2016_05_09
  42. KingRoot v4.9.0_2016_04_21
  43. KingRoot v4.8.5_2016_03_30
  44. KingRoot v4.8.2_2016_03_09
  45. KingRoot v4.8.1_2016_02_29
  46. KingRoot v4.8.0_2016_02_03
  47. KingRoot v4.8.0_2016_01_21
  48. KingRoot V4.6.2_2015_12_11
  49. KingRoot V4.6.2_2015_11_24
  50. KingRoot V4.6.0_2015_11_23
  51. KingRoot V4.6.0_2015_11_13
  52. KingRoot V4.5.2_2015_09_28
  53. KingRoot V4.5.0_2015_09_02
  54. KingRoot V4.5.0_2015_07_22
  55. KingRoot V4.1.0.249
  56. KingRoot-
  57. KingRoot-

Information APK

  • Latest App Version: 5.4.0 (199)
  • Package: com.kingroot.kinguser
  • APK File Size: 12.62 MB
  • Android Version Required: Android 2.3 or Later
  • Supported DPIs: nodpi
  • md5: 4f4734e0bb1c01536c0e7a597f76f82e
  • Release Date: January 20, 2020
  • App Status: Working/Tested

KingRoot APK Features and Uses

At first glance from the name, there is a similar root application with almost the same name, namely KingoRoot. However, KingoRoot and KingRoot are different apps, although they both carry the same concept, one click root. The features in this KingRoot application may not be much different from other root applications. But of course each root application has its own advantages and disadvantages. Putting these differences aside, this time we will discuss a little about KingRoot and the features in this application.

First, please note that KingRoot is made for two (2) versions, for android compiled with APK extension being setup EXE for Windows platform. What we will discuss here is the Android version of KingRoot, with this version you can root directly with the Android in your hand.

The second important point to note also before you decide to root your android is the warranty. After rooting, your smartphone warranty will be lost. So, what happens after you root, it’s all outside the responsibility of the smartphone manufacturer you are using.

Well maybe it’s just this articel about Download KingRoot Latest v5.4.0 APK 2022. I would expect to see more articles about Android. Hopefully the tutorial is useful. If you want to request articles or provide suggestions & criticism please contact me at Contact Me. If anyone wants to ask please leave a comment, and do not forget like Facebook fanpages genkes.

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  1. Im looking kingroot for android 6.0.1

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