7 The Best Application for Android Edit Song FREE

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7 The Best Application for Android Edit Song FREE

To change the song we not only can do it in laptop. We can edit it to dance, mix it like DJ song using the Application edit song in Android.

Music edit which we can do like to combine, cut, connect, and anything else.

Best Application for Android Edit Song

Ofcourse we need the application for editing song, isn’t it?  well we have compiled the application to edit songs recommended for Android which is can be used. And every application has pluses and minuses by himself. It’s the following list:

1. Music Maker Jam

Best Application for Android Edit Song

Using this application we are not only able to cut the song, but we are also able to give the cool effect.

Moreover there’s a record feature which is can we use to record our voice.

This application is perfect for those of us who like to cover songs, beacuse we can give the effect and setting it so our voice will sound so gorgeous.

2. MP3 Cutter

Best Application for Android Edit Song

Just like the name, we can be easier to cut the songs. Not only that, we can also mix some of songs

The way to use it is very easy. we just need to download and run the application.

After that we’re looking for the songs, and edit like we want to.

3. AudioDroid

Best Application for Android Edit Song

This application made by FSM SOFT is able to cut and mix the songs just like in the studio.

beside that, this application (Audio mix Studio) also provides various of sound effects which we can use.

we can be easier to add the various of audio effects just like what we want.

Moreover, this application is providing the Equalizer, Filter, Tempo, Pitch, Karaoke, Reverb, and many others.

4. Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Best Application for Android Edit Song

Just like the name, this application is not only to cut the songs, but we also can use it to make ringtone for notifications

This application made by Atomic Infoapps and it is one of the most popular application to make ringtones.

Beside that using this applicatin we also can record our voice.

5. WavePad Audio Editor Free

Best Application for Android Edit Song

If we want to do something more than just like the cut, and mix the songs, this application is perfect for us.

Using WavePad Audio Editor Free, we can give the cool and unique effects which doesn’t have by another application.

we also can use various features like normalize, echo, amplify, and the others.

6. Caustic 3

Best Application for Android Edit Song

Caustic 3 is one of applications which has more than 20 effects which we can use.

with add the various effects we can make songs be more interesting.

beside that we also can do recording and make instrument songs by ourself with easy.

7. Edjing Mix

Best Application for Android Edit Song

for those of us who like listening to edm songs, we also can edit it like DJ without buying the tools.

Using Edjing Mix application (DJ music mixer), we can make it easier ro remix the songs like our favourite DJ.

this application has been downloaded for more than 500.000 downloaders. we can choose the songs which are in our android and we also can use the songs which provide by this application.

with the simple display, this application is so easy to be understood.

Well maybe it’s just this tutorial about Application for Android Edit Song. I would expect to see more articles. Hopefully the tutorial is useful. If you want to request articles or provide suggestions & criticism please contact me at Contact Me. If anyone wants to ask please leave a comment, and do not forget like Facebook fanpages genkes.

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