8 Best Android Financial Management Application

There are tons of android financial management applications, both offline and online. We can do records either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Many of us experience problems when managing finances. Such as expenses that are not in accordance with income, accounts receivable, and various other problems.

Android Financial Management Application

So we have financial problems every month. Therefore, on this occasion Berakal will provide several financial applications that will help in managing your finances.

8 Best Android Financial Management Application 2021

1. Money Lover

Money Lover is one of the best financial applications that we can use easily and practically.

Money Lover has various features that will help in managing finances. Such as savings, budget, events have the duty to manage our expenses for various needs.

Starting from transportation, eating, to entertainment. So that we can control all types of income and expenses.

So that we no longer have to bother writing our personal financial statements on a paper or book.

Admin itself has used this application and was quite satisfied when using it.

2. Lunasbos

As students and workers, our friends often borrow money from us for something, whether it’s eating or buying things.

Oftentimes, debts are not recorded and only remembered in the head. Though this is very vulnerable, because as humans we often forget.

Fortunately, there is the Lunasbos application, which is a two way debt recording application. So you and your friends who have a debt and credit relationship can find out how much debt and can be a reminder whether it has been paid or not.

3. Finansialku

The third financial application is Finance for me. One financial software is one of the safe financial apk to manage our finances.

Where this application has obtained a certificate of CFP (Certified Financial Planner). So that it can help in controlling our financial income and expenditure.

In this software we can determine the budget based on the finances in our account. In addition we can also connect my Financial account with our accounts.

This application can also provide accurate tips to manage our finances effectively and efficiently.

4. AndroMoney

Next, there is a financial software called AndroMoney. This application has a simple and detailed display, by displaying a custom budget in detail, a graph showing our expenses.

That way we can see our financial income and expenditure in a detailed and efficient manner. AndroMoney will also help us in determining the budget.

Like the budget for food, household needs, gadget needs, watching movies, shopping for clothes, to traveling.

5. Catatan Keuangan Harian

This application made by the developer Asyncbite Software offers convenience for us in recording our monthly financial income and expenses.

Daily Financial Notes has several kinds of features that are quite complete.

Like recording income, expenses, calculating differences, monthly reports, and many other features.

Therefore this application can help in managing our finances.

6. 1Money

This financial Apk can manage our daily, weekly, financial and manage our monthly finances easily and efficiently.

In this application we can set a spending budget that will be adjusted to our income.

In addition, 1Money also has a tracking feature to track every income and expenditure in detail.

We can also use the tracking feature to save if there is additional income. The 1Money application can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.

7. Mint

This financial application will help to refresh our financial cycle.

Mint can also be used for multiple accounts, perform automatic categorizations, track our financial goals, and be a billing reminder.

Besides this financial software, one can also do credit scoring effectively.

Mint will really help us to prepare a budget so that it does not exceed revenue.

For example, when we spend on food it can be written in the category food & Dining. Or while clubbing we can note in the category Alcohol & Bars.

Then when we have made expenses for shopping we can note these expenses according to the type of goods we buy.

And there are many other categories that will help manage our finances.

8. Monefy

This financial application has a very simple appearance, so it will be easier for us to manage finances.

Monefy has several categories that we can use to manage budgets.

Apart from that a simple and effective interface will greatly help us in managing our budget. We simply enter the amount of funds and choose the right category.

Well maybe it’s just this tutorial about Android Financial Management. I would expect to see more articles. Hopefully the tutorial is useful. If you want to request articles or provide suggestions & criticism please contact me at Contact Me. If anyone wants to ask please leave a comment, and do not forget like Facebook fanpages genkes.

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