5 Easy Way to Become Profesional Sniper in PUBG Mobile

When you play PUBG mobile are the type of player that blast off all the ammunition or the patient one? For the player who don’t like straight confrontation maybe rifle is the best choice for you.

With rifle you can knockout an enemy from far away, of course become profesional sniper not easy. There is many thing that you need to calculate before taking out your enemy.

become profesional sniper in PUBG Mobile

In battlefield sniper can become important role in team, they can kill enemy without the enemy realize who kill them. And there is 5 easy tips for you.

5 easy way to become profesional sniper in PUBG Mobile

1. Choose your weapon

Of course the first thing is choose your weapon. You must understand the advantages and disadvantages each weapon like Bold Action Sniper Rifle with low firing rate and heavy damage can be deadly from far away but become a problem when there is to many enemy because the low firing rate like KAR98K and AWM. Another Rifle is DMR type whit higher firing rate but low penetration can be a big help when play with a team.

2. The right scope

Without scope rifle almost become useless but good scope also hard to adjust. For beginer it is better using 2X or 3X scope to learn, but if you using Bolt type try to find 8X scope.

3. Sniper position

As sniper you have low firing rate so you better find strategic location to get good view of the field and in worst case you can run if enemy spotted you. Best you can find a high ground to maximize your performance as a sniper like tower, hill, and etc. also you can find a place that little bit sheltered so your enemy can’t find you.

4. Distance and bullet drop

In PUBG Mobile there is a bullet drop where the bullet you fired will go down in some distance, so if enemy right at you scope crosshair doesn’t mean it will hit. Make sure you count your enemy distance and when the bullet drop.

5. Aware of your surrounding

Most beginer player forget about their surrounding because they are to focus marking their enemy, and the consequncy they get kill by enemy who sneak behind them. So you also need focus hearing the footstep around you or vehicle that getting close.

That’s all the 5 easy way to become profesioanl sniper. I hope the tips that I give can help you more in playing PUBG Mobile

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